UP Balloons Hit The Boston Skies

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Disney has never been one to short-change a promotion… and their push for Pixar’s Up is certainly no exception. To mimic the film’s plot of an old man zooming his house into the sky via balloons, Mouse House marketing pulled into Boston yesterday with a whole mess of Up balloons, ready to fly some brave souls into the Boston skyline. (Click on the images for the biggies.)

Preparing for Flight
Up Balloons in Boston

Flying with the Hancock and Prudential in the background
Up Balloons in Boston II

Up. Up. And Away. (Minus the tethers, of course.)
Up Balloons in Boston III

Who flew? Some local media folks like writer Rafael Ulloa from Spanish language site TuBoston, and mama blogger Mommy Niri.

We’ll have an Up review next Thursday.

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