Video from Cannes 2014 Winner: Hungarian Drama WHITE GOD

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White God Movie PosterThe summer blockbuster gets its fair share of criticism — a factory churn that favors big effects over high art — but every moviegoer looks forward to at least one big movie during the warm weather months. Despite my general dislike for sequel efforts (and reboots, the worst trend to hit film narrative in the last 30 years), I have my eyes on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, having been thoroughly impressed by the series’ origin story entry three years ago. If you know anything about the Apes’ alternate evolution story, recent Cannes winner White God, will sound familiar: The human race gets its come-uppance like in Apes, but this time the aggressors are dogs. And the story is told from two visual points-of-view, the people and the canines.

Man’s best friend turning to man’s vicious enemy? At first glance, the idea lands anywhere between creepy and ridiculous – but definitely intriguing, starting with this one-of-a-kind movie poster from Kornel Mondruczo’s film, giving the hint of some sort of surreal coming-of-age tale. The trailer (couldn’t find one with any English) is impossible to ignore. Could be a horror-thriller, a bizarre allegory… or both, confirmed by the reviews for the winner of the Cannes’ 2014 Un Certain Regard prize.

Before you get too upset at the subject matter, we’ve got another video for you, a making-of peek at White God (in Hungarian, Feher isten)

As plans coalesce to bring White God to theaters around the world, I’ll leave you with this photograph from Cannes, which includes the director and a pair of the film’s stars.

White God at Cannes 2014

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