Video: The Unstoppable Legacy of Stanley Kubrick

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Keir Dullea in 2001: A Space Odyseey

The number of film directors whose work not only transcends their lifetime, but also becomes enmeshed in the cultural fabric, is small. Like count-‘em-on-one-hand small. Alfred Hitchcock, of course. And a good deal of Steven Spielberg’s work will certainly be referenced and remembered by the general public long after he’s gone. But the films of Stanley Kubrick seem to be resonating sharply with both cinema freaks and the greater populace alike — a curious development for a fairly reclusive artist who’s been gone nearly 15 years.

Proof of Kubrick’s continuing influence came in two video forms this past week. Both are promotional. And both are very entertaining.

The first is a newly edited trailer(!) for Kubrick’s grand masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey, created for the British Film Institute’s November 28 theatrical release of the film. I’d say fans of the movie here in the U.S. are jealous, to say the least.

The Hollywood Reporter tells that the agency behind the trailer is Ignition Creative London, and the result gets full approval from Kubrick’s executive producer, Jan Harlan. Question: Wouldn’t it have been cooler to hear HAL break down toward the end of the trailer, rather than the beginning? I guess it comes down to whether the final tone of 2001 is that of hope or of danger. Hmm. Both overly simplistic terms for this mind-blowing film.

The second entry is far more lighthearted, a brilliant little spot from IKEA Singapore, with a signature camera move made famous in Kubrick’s indelible horror-thriller, The Shining.

The final joke’s a bit of a stretch, but I love the visual touches throughout. And the soundtrack is great.

Now where’s that Eyes Wide Shut adaptation for Sandals resorts…?

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