What’s Up Chuck? New Movie Preview, Trailer: PEANUTS

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It’s almost surprising that, although Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the Peanuts pals have been on TV since 1965, they have never graced the big screen. That’s about to change come holiday time 2015, and we’ve got the teaser trailer to prove it.

On November 6, 2015, 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios (the Ice Age and Rio movies) bring Peanuts to theaters for the first time. And if the social media buzz is any indication, there are some older fans who have one reaction to learning these classic characters will be CGI’d and 3D’d: Good grief.

Scene from Peanuts Film

For fans of a certain age (particularly mine), the beauty of Peanuts is that it’s created by hand. If you’ve ever watched A Charlie Brown Christmas on television, you know the very charm of the film comes from being drawn. It’s not smooth, it’s not crisp. But you can feel the loving touch of the animators, which is perfect for the story itself, about a group of friends who discover that putting on Christmas pageants is messy and not every Christmas tree is a majestic beauty, but that caring for one another is what’s really great. (If you’ve never watched A Charlie Brown Christmas with your living room only lit by tree lights while curled up in your feety pajamas, you’re missing something special.)

Okay, so much for sentimentality. Here’s the just-released trailer for Peanuts. What are your thoughts? (You can almost see the attempt to keep it rough around the edges.) Is this as engaging as the little red-haired girl, or does it elicit a big “Arrgggggh!”?

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