Should Weinsteins Woo Woody? TWC Acquires Woody Allen’s “Dream”

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Weinsteins Deal With Woody Allen

Variety has reported that The Weinstein Company has purchased the rights to distribute Woody Allen’s 38th(!) film, the dark drama Cassandra’s Dream.

So what’ll it be? The success of Match Point or the “huh, where’d it’d go?” of Scoop?

If it comes down to genre only — tragedy, in this case — it would be the former. And that’s probably what the Weinsteins are banking on.

Cassandra’s Dream follows in the footsteps of Match Point and Crimes and Misdemeanors: Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor play brothers who turn against one another after financial trouble leads them to crime.

Dream continues Allen’s streak of shooting in England — he’s known to appreciate the “hands off” approach of overseas investors. But, dating back to the auteur’s relationship with Miramax, In Harvey He Trusts. So the partnership that produced four films in the ’90s is back.

TODAY’S QUESTION: Has Woody lost his touch with comedies? Does The Weinstein Company feel safer with a Woody drama?

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