Would You Pay $30 To See Spider-Man 4 … At Home, On Day One?

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You may get the chance.

Ad Age reports that Comcast, the cable mega-giant, has plans to deliver blockbuster features on pay-per-view the same day they hit theaters. Insiders say prices would have to be a pretty premium for this to work.

Mark Cuban is one of those insiders. He’s an interesting, outspoken soul with his hand in theater ownership (Landmark) and satellite HD ownership (DirecTV’s HDNet.) Cuban expressed excitement, saying a high price point–between $30 and $60–would allow revenue sharing between theaters and cablecasters.

Smaller “day and date” releases have occurred recently, notably with Steven Soderbergh’s Bubble, dropping in theaters, on DVD and on HDNet simultaneously. But this is a whole new level. Talk about skipping the middle man…

TODAY’S QUESTION: How much would you pay to see your most anticipated movie in your home, the day it premieres?


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  1. mark cuban, 10 years ago Reply

    fyi, HDNet is available on cable and satellite…

    And Landmark is the only national chain showing theatrical day and date releases,


  2. norm, 10 years ago Reply

    Thanks for the clarification Mark.

    If anyone would like to check the status of HDNet with their local cable company, here’s a helpful link from the HDNet site: http://www.hd.net/watch_at_home.html


  3. Chady, 10 years ago Reply

    I would pay for it just so that I don’t have to put up with the screaming kids, crying babies, and that 7 foot tall guy wearing a hat that always seem to feel the need to sit in front of me.

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