Yes, Boston, There Is an Online Film Critics Association

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Boston Online Film Critics Association LogoIf you’re a New Englander who craves more of a connection to the local film scene, now you’ve got some friends. On May 24, the new Boston Online Film Critics Association (yes, BOFCA, if you must) was officially announced, with 11 founding members including yours truly. As part of our charter, we have pledged to offer a weekly roundup to local moviegoers. Yes, there are the expected (and extremely well-written, ahem) film reviews for the weekend’s upcoming releases, but there are also plenty of recommendations outside the obvious: repertory picks, film festival notes, and other healthy moviegoing options to break fans out of the multiplexes.

We have higher aspirations as a group, to participate regularly within the Boston film community, but that’s in the thinking stages now. We’ll figure it out. And we’ll let you know.

:: Visit the BOFCA website
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And let me know if you have feedback!

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