Ze Countdown to Bruno: New Images

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For those of us who dig Sacha Baron Cohen, or just enjoy shameless, filter-free, provocative comedy, Brůno is the summer cinema treat we’ve been waiting for. With a week to go before the gayest-ever Austrian hits the big screen, we’ve got some more Brůno photos from Universal. If we didn’t know this was Cohen playing a role, this would all be ridiculous. Instead these images are tacky, offensive, intriguing. Maybe you don’t want to look. Okay, look.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno. In Yellow.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno. Modeling in Brown.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno. In a Plastic Suit.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno. Pretending He’s a Tiger.

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  1. mike n, 8 years ago Reply

    Ahh…now i have my Halloween costume set for this year – thanks

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